Eco- Friendly, Fair Trade Coffee

The best coffee in the world is the coffee you like the best.

Old River Coffee Roaster Co. was established in 2008, and is dedicated to roasting only premium Eco-Friendly and Fair Trade coffee.

Organic farming is a method of producing crops based on an integrated system of ecological principles that maintain soil fertility and reduce pest and disease occurrences without the use of manufactured chemicals. The chemicals include fertilizers that disrupt bioactivity in the soil and contribute to water pollution, herbicides that are harmful to humans and fish and add to pollution, and pesticides that kill target pests and many beneficial insects, fish, birds and other animals. Organic farming restores long-term soil fertility, reduces water pollution and runoff, and eliminates health risks to the people that grow and produce the crops.


Fair Trade isn’t about paying a higher price for a product.
Fair Trade means: fair wages to laborers; democratically run producer cooperatives; environmentally sustainable production practices; economic justice that empowers local people; safe non-exploitive working conditions; and more equitable trading between producers and consumers. This is only a partial list of the goals of the Fair Trade movement. More can be learned about the successes of the past 20 years and the challenges of the future by reading such books as: Brewing Justice: Fair Trade Coffee, Sustainability, and Survival by Daniel Jaffee (University of California Press Berkeley) or Coffee With Pleasure Just Java And World Trade by Laure Waridel (Black Rose Books).

Old River Coffee Roaster Co. Only roasts certified Fair Trade beans.

Full City Roasts

Our Full City coffee is a medium roast. Roasted beans are brown to dark brown and are dry or slightly oily. More of the coffee's characteristic flavor is evident in this roast.

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Dark Roasts

Our Dark Roast coffee is roasted somewhere in between a Full City roast and a French roast. Some of the coffee's characteristic flavor is present, with hints of sweetness.

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French Roasts

Our French Roast coffee is a dark roast. Beans are very dark brown, nearly black and very oily. The coffee's characteristic flavor is gone, replaced by caramelized sugar flavors.

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Premium Blends

Our Premium Blends are carefully crafted to be perfect combinations of our other coffee varieties, and people love them. Keep an eye out for more quality blends coming soon...

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