Meet The Roaster

Old River Coffee Roaster Co. uses an 8 pound Sivetz Fluid Bed Roaster (manufactured in Corvallis, Oregon) to produce a very clean, no after-taste cup of coffee. We roast three roast degrees: Full City, Dark and French Roast. The coffee is roasted in small batches to maintain the freshness of the beans. The coffee is packaged in ½ pound and 1 pound Stand Up Zip Pouches with one-way valves to ensure fresh coffee every time.

One customer said,”It is sure nice to have a product produced locally that’s better than anything currently sold in the county.” Learn more about us…

Full City Roasts

Our Full City coffee is a medium roast. Roasted beans are brown to dark brown and are dry or slightly oily. More of the coffee's characteristic flavor is evident in this roast.

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Dark Roasts

Our Dark Roast coffee is roasted somewhere in between a Full City roast and a French roast. Some of the coffee's characteristic flavor is present, with hints of sweetness.

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French Roasts

Our French Roast coffee is a dark roast. Beans are very dark brown, nearly black and very oily. The coffee's characteristic flavor is gone, replaced by caramelized sugar flavors.

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Premium Blends

Our Premium Blends are carefully crafted to be perfect combinations of our other coffee varieties, and people love them. Keep an eye out for more quality blends coming soon...

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